Blake’s experience and access to all levels of the sport give you an advantage when looking at player evaluation services.

High School Athletes

Initial Evaluation

A professional scouting report to give the player an expert view of the players strengths, weaknesses and overall skill level of the football abilities and where the player fits on the College and University level.

Tier 2

By invitation only Beddingfield Sports will use over 20+ years of University and College contacts to promote and advise the player on the recruiting process.

NFL Agents

Scouting Report

Per Report
  • Advice and evaluation on a single player the agency is recruiting

Scouting Report

Per engagement
  • Advise and evaluate on all players the agency is recruiting

All Star Game Preparation

  • Interview Preparation via Zoom meeting

NFL Combine Preparation

  • Interview Preparation via Zoom meeting

Group Combine Preparation

  • In-person NFL Combine interview and skills preparation with the agencies full group of athletes

College / University Recruiting Department Advisors

In-Person Meetings

  • • Train scouts and recruiters how to write reports
    • How to structure and organize your scouting and recruiting department
    • What to look for by position
    • Evaluate entire position groups or entire team and rank each
    • Advise schools on their Underclassmen NFL Value

Zoom Conference Calls

  • Same content, handled in a group setting virtually

Future NFL Scouts / Advisors

Individual Sessions

  • How to write reports, critical factors to look for by position and how to get a job in the NFL.
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